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©Eri Kawamura

Abstract Yellow


写真:Eri Kawamura, Masao Nishikawa

Abstract Yellow

Function: heat protection, view filter

Architect: masafumiharigaiarchitecture

Photo: Eri Kawamura, Masao Nishikawa







A circular residence with a courtyard. Because the house is glazed, it is inevitably necessary to protect against sunlight and privacy, so we were asked to provide curtains.

When you enter the building and walk around, you enjoy the parallel view of life on the other side through the courtyard. We wanted to come up with something that would fulfill the required functions without diminishing this experience.

I made only the areas in front of the bathrooms, bedrooms, storage, and areas that needed sunshades with opaque fabrics, and the rest with transparent fabrics.

There was also a switch out of the sunshade only at the top and transparent at the bottom.

In this architecture, where all the elements (sashes, slabs, exterior steel plates, etc.) are sharp, I tried to keep the hems, hangers, and edges of the curtains as clean as possible. I think I was able to create something somewhat abstract while still having a sense of life.

©Eri Kawamura

©Eri Kawamura

©Eri Kawamura

©Masao Nishikawa


The curtains in front of the storage were perforated at the top because there was also an air conditioning vent.

©Masao Nishikawa

©Masao Nishikawa

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