Creation Baumann Japan, 東京ショールーム



Creation Baumann Japan, Tokyo Showroom

Function: Partition, Art Curtains

Photo: Ichiro Mishima



Creation Baumann東京ショールームは、間口の割に奥行きの深い矩形の平面が特徴的な為、入口から進むごとに見え方が変わる様全体のレイアウトを検討した。その際「窓辺に設置される」というカーテンの一般的な印象を取り払った「自由なカーテン」というコンセプトのもと、スイスに本社を置くテキスタイルメーカーCreation Baumannの上質な生地を最大限に活かすことにも留意した。



Curtains for Creation Baumann’s showroom in Tokyo. Space is very unique, narrow and long. So not to block the perspective, we proposed partly transparent or translucent curtains as first.

When we find an existing curtain rail around the meeting table, we thought of gathered skirt with drapes, shadows and elegant movement that is what only high-quality fabric can create. Difference between two translucencies of the textiles provides an enormous effect on the surface and space.

And at the entrance, Eye-catching is needed like showcases.

Combining colourful soft textiles and nets, we create giant curtains like knitting. They look strong but also makes us feel warm, as you see handmade crafts.

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