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写真:大竹央祐 (末尾1枚のみTalking about Curtains)


After-School Facility in Hommoku elementary school

Architect: PERSIMMON  HILLS architects

Function: View Filtering, Partition

Photo: Yosuke Ohtake (the last one is by Talking about Curtains)




A classroom renovation project to be after-school facility; Children who have working parents go to these facilities after school until their parents back to pick them up.

The building itself is an existing elementary school in Hommoku, Yokohama.

The partitions were made by replacing ready-made fabric. The partitions are used to divide the space, but since the facility is used by small children in the lower grades too, windows were installed to avoid a sense of confinement.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to protect the privacy of the children and allow them to rest if they become sick, so the size and placement of the windows were carefully considered.


This is 2nd renovation project of an elementary school for us, following the one in Motomachi. Although curtains and partitions are often neglected, we feel that it is very important to design them because children attend these facilities.



Curtains are made of translucent and opaque textile combined in Zig-Zag lines.

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