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佐藤 未季



2006 横浜国立大学建設学科建築学コース卒業

​2007 Inside Outside Petra Blaisse インターンシップ (アムステルダム)

2008 横浜国立大学大学院 建築都市スクールY-GSA修了

2008 Inside Outside Petra Blaisse (2010年末まで)

2011 隈研吾建築都市設計事務所入社

2014 同社にてファブリックデザイン専門スタッフとなる

​2016 Talking about Curtains 開始

Miki Sato


Birthplace: Oita Prefecture, Japan 


2016 Started Talking about Curtains

2014 Became a fabric designer at KKAA

2011 Joined KKAA

2008 Joined Inside Outside Petra Blaisse (till the end of 2010)


2008 Completed Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

2007 Intern at Inside Outside Petra Blaisse

2006 Completed National University Architectural Course




photo: Kazuhiro Shiraishi

What I do





・Fabric design for architecture such as curtains

​・Advisory on fabric for architecture 

·・Remaking those fabric

·・Works incidental to the above

Track record

​Works at Kengo Kuma and Associates (2011-)

2016 森の光教会 (既存棟カーテン) Mori-no-Hikari Chapel  (Curtains in existing building)

​Works at Inside Outside/Petra Blaisse (2007, 2008-2010)

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