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写真:Talking about Curtains

Curtains with a view of the sky

Function: heat protection, view filter

Photo: Talking about Curtains






A building with a mix of tenants and residences. The owner of the building told us, "Since the building is made of glass, I want the curtains to be designed as well. When we asked him further about what kind of curtains would be appropriate, he expressed concern about something we had also noticed while looking at the city. He said that the windows of all kinds of buildings, including apartment complexes, offices, and educational facilities, are closed with curtains, and the streetscape is bland. Since these buildings are so liberating and transparent, we wanted to make curtains that people would want to open.

The problem with buildings with many glass surfaces is the thermal environment, and it was easy to imagine that the sunlight, especially from the southwest, would be so intense that it would make the interior hot. The residential portion of the house must also protect privacy.

Therefore, we decided to use transparent fabric only for the upper part of the curtains and opaque ones for the lower part. Even with the curtains closed, only the sky is visible, and because of the openness, people may be tempted to open the curtains for an even greater sense of freedom.

For the exterior, we chose a gray color to blend in with the reflections of the glass.

We aimed to create curtains that blend in and connect with the environment.

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