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北上市 保健・子育て支援施設 hoKko

建築:t e c o + 畝森泰行建築設計事務所


写真:Talking about Curtains

Health and Child Care facilities in Kitakami

Architect: t e c o + UNEMORI ARCHITECTS

Function: Partition

Photo: Talking about Curtains





In public facilities that provide health and childcare support, it is usual for people to leave as soon as they have finished their personal business, but in this facility, open indoor play equipment, and social spaces cross the space dynamically, and there is a warmth that transcends generations and allows people to feel the presence of others.

One of the main features of this facility is that there is a space at the entrance for a medical check-up vehicle. When the car is parked, it is adjacent to the café, which is why a curtain was required to form a partition. We had to decide how to design a huge curtain, about 3.6m high and 31m long. We wanted something that would attract children, something that would naturally brighten up their visit, even if it was not a very pleasant check-up.

We only asked the children to paint the circles freely, and as a result, we collected about 200 pictures of different and fun designs. As well as the individuality of each child, the curtains are full of precious designs from their childhood, which they will never be able to imitate when they grow up.

The pictures are printed on the mesh so that the colours can be seen from the reverse side, and laser cut taffeta is layered on top to cover the eyes and prevent staining from exhaust fumes. The light leaking from the laser cuts enriches the look of the curtains.








In addition to the medical checkpoint, we also designed a view-filtering curtain to enclose a dining area with tables.

Like children's drawings, the curtains are printed with dots of various shapes arranged in a check pattern and laser cut to the same size. The perforations and the printed dots correspond to each other, creating a visual trick.

It is hoped that the children will notice the trick and have a bit of fun with it.


On the first floor, there are many spaces where children spend a lot of time, such as the playground and the temporary nursery, so we designed white switching curtains to keep the sunlight from the south out and to keep the environment comfortable.



The curtain, seen from the side of the medical checkpoint, is made of laser-cut fabric with colourful prints showing through.




Curtains for the eating area. The curtains are made up of printed and laser-cut curtains, as in the medical examination car stop.

The print pattern is original.

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